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How to Know When You Need to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals make life in the kitchen easier and certainly cleaner when the kitchen is in use multiple times. A poor functioning unit can cause you a lot of frustrations. Taking care of your disposal unit will keep it for up to 12 years. How do you know when to buy a new unit? Watch out for these signs.

Constant blockage, needs frequent resetting, slow unit, and banging sounds. Sometimes, constant blockages are signs that you require a larger unit for your kitchen These signs meant that the garbage disposal is unable to process the food and ends up blocking An overloaded garbage disposal will trip your electrical supply, and you will need to restore the power. This can be achieved by hitting the reset button Taking longer to grind indicates a weak motor or dull blades. Wear and tear may occur, and this may cause leakage. A broken down motor will produce loud noises but no grinding. Unfortunately, when the garbage disposal has either one of this signs, it is better to replace the whole unit.

You will have to spend some money to do this. A garbage disposal unit will cost you between 100-800 dollars, and this will be determined by the type of unit you want to get. Installation costs should also be added. There two available choices of garbage disposal units that available for your choice a continuous batch and a batch feed. It is recommended that you consult your contractor on the best garbage disposal that will work for you.

Either one has its merits and fits a kitchen needs. If you have a busy kitchen, continuous garbage disposal would be a better fit as it churns out waste throughout as long as the power is on. Take caution as this can also lead to things getting caught in the unit as there is no cover. A batch garbage disposal serves a kitchen with low waste best, best suited for you if you love composting. The motor size of the unit is also important; an active kitchen will be served better by a bigger motor. Some parts will improve the way your garbage disposal works such as a strainer, treatment dispenser, a baffle, and a push-button system. Check various websites for the available units and talk to your contractor before making the final choice. Using garbage disposal in your kitchen cannot be undermined. Buy one that will take care of your kitchen waste.

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