The Types Of Buildings You Might Consider When Investing In Commercial Real Estate

Purchasing real estate can be an exciting time. No matter the type of real estate you purchase, there is a way to make it into a profitable investment. If you’re looking into commercial real estate, you might be interested in commercial office, industrial, or Retail. The opportunities are endless for either of these types of commercial buildings. Building owners should keep in mind that no matter what type of real estate you invest in, if there are tenants you will need to have great customer service. If you don’t provide the best service, there is a landlord out there willing to take on your tenant.

Commercial Office

Depending on the level of occupancy, a commercial office building can bring you great profits. The things to consider about real estate with tenants is you need that large occupancy rate in order to let the building take care of expenses, and then have additional money for improvements and profit. Office buildings can have multiple tenants, a single tenant, or no tenants. Buildings without any occupancy could be brand new, or they could be closed permanently for other reasons. Typically, when a building is being built, the real estate agents are already on the move to find big tenants who would love a new office. A great selling point is the possible build-out, better lease terms, management perks, and location. Tenants want to be in a building that the landlord cares about. They also want to feel important as tenants.


Industrial buildings such as warehouses can be pretty promising when it comes to good occupancy. Considering the size of a large warehouse building, and the capital it takes to move in, I would think we’re considering long term leases. Large warehouse deals that I’ve seen in the past started with a five-year minimum lease term. I guess these negotiations are up to the owner, but it’s so hard to find a large company that needs big space, so when you find them, you will want to keep them for as long as possible. Warehouse buildings can be for inventory, equipment, or anything else someone may keep in large quantities or sizes. They are also great for simple storage. If you’re interested you should check out North Dakota Storage buildings.


Retail can be a little bit trickier when it comes to occupancy. What you will need is a strong tenant or two that will attract the traffic. You want longer leases if possible, especially for the big tenants. It’s important to stay on top of the maintenance in retail because a rough looking plaza may scare potential shoppers away. All the other tenants will then want to be a part of the plaza to potentially grab some of the shoppers. As a shopper myself I’ve been curious about other stores surrounding a store I like to frequent, and if there’s anything convenient, I will take a chance on it.

Investing in real estate is fun, but it can also be challenging. It’s important to have a strategy to keep the tenants happy, attract more tenants, and make sure you’re charging and collecting the right amount of rent. A few real estate buildings you might like to invest in on the commercial side include commercial office, industrial, and retail.