How Does A Layered Mattress Work?

A lot of mattresses today feature two or more layers designed to improve the sleeper’s experience. Layers can be composed of gel, air, coils, or foam, and they work together to provide the perfect degrees of support and coolness. The following are some examples of mattress layers with an explanation of what they do.

The Base Layer: Support

The base layer is the thickest part of the mattress, more than half of the total thickness, and is typically composed of foam or coils. Foam mattresses made of memory foam or latex allow the sleeper to sink in just a little bit, and they mold to the sleeper’s shape, which relieves pressure on joints. Coil mattresses provide a more supportive sleeping surface and make it easier for the sleeper to change position.

The Middle Layer: Air Flow

Not all layered mattresses have this middle layer, but those that do often provide a cooler night’s sleep. This insulating layer between the bottom and top of a mattress is typically constructed with thin coils that both allow air to circulate throughout the mattress and conduct heat away from the surface.

The Top Layer: Comfort

A popular type of comfort layer is the pillow top. This adds a layer of cushioning that can be the perfect complement to a very firm mattress. Another type of comfort layer is filled with a cooling gel. A gel layer is especially beneficial when used with a memory foam mattress, which tends to retain more body heat than innerspring mattresses.

Benefits Of Layering

Layered mattresses are sometimes known as hybrid mattresses when they contain both foam and coils. They provide a comfortable, bouncy surface that also limits motion transfer, making this type of mattress ideal for couples. They also tend to feel cooler than a simple memory foam or inner coil mattress. They are neither extra-soft nor extra-firm, and they are a good choice for most types of sleepers.

Choosing A Mattress

When choosing any type of mattress, shoppers should consider how long the mattress is likely to last, how much it costs, and whether a warranty is provided. When buying a layered mattress, it’s a good idea to find out what the layers are made of and what their purposes are. Check out this website to find out more about choosing the right mattress.