A Quick Guide To Buying And Using Carrara Marble For Your House

The Carrara marble dates back to ancient Rome where it was one of the most sought-after marble types that were used to create sculptures as well as decorate buildings. Marble has always been synonymous to royalty and luxury, and that is the reason why it is still a type that several looks out for when it comes to adorning the house and making it look appealing.

When it comes to getting in touch with a supplier who can help out with Carrara marble, it is essential to pick only those who can guarantee you with supplying genuine marble and not a lookalike. While there are multiple uses of Carrara marble for your house, here are a few things you need to know and put them to good use.

How would you identify it?

Coming from the mines of Italy, Carrara marble is known to set itself apart with its whitish grey background that is known to contain blue and grey veins that are spaced evenly throughout. It is said that the brighter the background is, the more expensive the Carrara marble is and that you can make use of it for your home at various places and watch it adorn the house like nothing else.

Using it as flooring

It is said that marble lends a cool feeling to the room wherever it is installed. That is the reason why most homes in the warmer regions are known to have them installed on the floor while keeping the rooms cool as well as making it look aesthetically appealing. Covering the marble floors with carpets and rugs during the winters makes it look classy while rolling it up again whenever it is hot.

Using it for your bathroom

Installing Carrara marble tile for your bathroom floor as well as walls allow you to own a bathroom that is elegant and great to be in. Allowing the installation experts to match the veins and create a good design would ensure that you have a great bathroom as a part of your house. Necessary cleanup and maintenance from time to time with the help of cleaning liquids and equipment would result in maintaining the color and texture of the marble while making it stay along for years’ altogether.

Using it for your kitchen

Marble is usually placed on countertops in the kitchen and complements it well no matter what the décor is. Whether there are cabinets above it or not, it makes the area bright with the white color. There was a time when baking experts made use of marble slabs to roll out the dough, and since they are cold, the temperature is maintained for the dough. You too can do the same when it comes to making bread or anything similar. While marble is susceptible to scratches and staining, using protective mats and runners below when working on it can allow the texture to last for as long. Applying a protective coating on the marble and redoing it every year can help extensively.