3 Reasons to Invest in Pond Equipment

A residential pond can serve as an area to cool off on summer days and swim or fish. However, few home water features remain clean and healthy without some help. They tend to become polluted and overgrown with unhealthy weeds and bacteria. Fortunately, specialty suppliers offer a range of pond equipment designed to address these issues. They also sell products that add interest and beauty to water features.

Aeration Systems Keep Water Healthy

Perhaps the most important equipment for any water feature is an aeration system. Aerators pull water up and spray it into the air, which adds oxygen. It also destratifies material that has formed in the lake or pond and then settled. Aerating fountains remove phosphorous, reduce algae and help to break down harmful bacteria. Suppliers sell aerators in a variety of styles and sizes and many price ranges. They are available in floating and sunken styles and some can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Fountains Create Beautiful Effects

The aerators which help to improve water quality also create pleasing effects as they work. In fact, they appear to simply be fountains placed there for interest. Many homeowners enhance this effect by adding colored lights or installing several fountains in large lakes or ponds. There are also pond fountains specifically designed to be decorative. They often include phase controls and lighting kits. They can be changed on a regular basis, to create stunning effects. There are models which are ideal for backyard ponds as well as giant fountains that are often used on commercial properties like condos. They shoot water high into the air, to create a dramatic impact.

Water Garden Equipment Adds Interest

Many homeowners create water gardens and then install additions like fire fountains and waterfalls. Fire fountains actually create fire above the water and are very beautiful. Waterfalls are typically custom designed and created using a combination of parts and materials designed for the purpose. There are also waterfall kits available. Some homeowners include statuary and underwater lights.

Home ponds, lakes and water gardens are beautiful and add interest to properties. However, they do need help to remain healthy, so most owners install aerating or decorative fountains that improve quality. Owners who have created water gardens may add features like waterfalls or custom lighting.